Enchantingly Ethical Vegan Cosmetics & Accessories

Haus of Verona is an independently run growing empire located in the idyllic valleys of South Wales. Being located in such a setting has inspired us to turn back to nature for our skincare solutions and create a brand of natural, ethically sourced beauty products that really work and don't cost the earth.

All of our products are hand crafted by Amber Verona, kitsch witch and beauty pioneer who combines traditional remedies with cutting edge technology and ideology that will be loved by you, your skin and the planet.  

As part of our pledge to the planet, not only are our products full of natural goodness with every product ethically sourced, vegan and 100% cruelty free but we also have taken huge steps to reduce our waste and provide all of our products in reusable aluminium tins and glass bottles which is better for the essential oils in our products and better for the environment too!


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